Interesting Astronomy and Links

Looking for some information for craters here on Earth? Go here for more information on sites around the world.

If you want to know more about imagers and spectroscopy used in astrophotography, go here.

For a closer inspection of the moon using a moon map, go to the Full Moon Atlas.

To learn more about the U's campaign for the use of sustainable energy, click here.

Want to know where the Apollo missions landed? Click here for more info.

For a site with great astrophotos and info on processing them, click here for more info.

Here's the Phoenix Mars Polar Lander site.

View the Milky Way Galaxy in ultra high resolution using infared wavelengths, go to GLIMPSE/MIPSGAL viewer at Alien Earths Online.

For information on telescopes, telescope alignments, and other telescope related stuff, go to

For all the kids out there interested in astronomy camps... visit Astro Camp Utah.

For an interesting view of our universe spanning 12.5 light years to 14 billion light years from us, visit An Atlas Of The Universe.

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Updated 09-15-08