These are various images stars, double stars, and star trails.

Eight 0.5 second B&W Exposures combined in MaxIm DL
Meade DSI and Meade 10" LX200
Star Trails in Helper, Ut
10 minute exposure, Canon Rebel XTi,
ISO 200, f/3.5, Sigma 15-30mm Lens
White balance on tungsten setting to
compensate for light pollution's effect
on sky color
Triple Star Beta Monoceros
10xLRGB Exposures @.03 sec
Meade DSI Pro II, Meade 14" LX200GPS
Processed in MaxIm DL
Double Star Albiero*
4xLRGB 0.01 sec exposures combined in MaxIm DL
Meade DSI Pro II, Meade 14 in" LX200GPS
Campbell's Hydrogen Star Pk64+5.1*
4xLHaGB 10 sec exposures combined in MaxIm DL
Meade DSI Pro II, Meade 14" in LX200GPS.
Click "Here" for description.
Unknown Double
Single 30 sec Exposure, SBig ST-7
Processed with MaximDL, Meade 12" LX200
Alcor and Double star Mizar
Single Exposure of 1/2 sec., no processing needed
Canon Rebel XTi, Meade 10" LX200
Double Star Gamma Leonis
Four Exposures @ 0.5 sec, Combined
and processed in Photoshop,
Canon Rebel XTi, ISO 100, Meade 14" LX200GPS
Star Trails Over Mountain Helper, Ut
Single 1 hr. Exposure, Canon Rebel XTi
Canon 18-35mm zoom @ 18 mm, f/3.5
Epsilon Lyra The "Double Double"
Single 0.127 Sec. Exposure
Meade 14" LX200GPS, Meade DSI Pro II
Single 0.2 sec. Exposure, Meade DSI ProII
Meade 10" LX200

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